Skate infinity anime langa

He frequently attends the underground skateboarding race " S " and is close friends with Langawho got wrapped up in the race with him. Reki has fair, slightly tanned skin with amber-colored eyes and wild, red spiky hair. He always sports an Egyptian blue headband with white detailing and a red wrist sweatband. He is of average height and appears to have a lithe figure.

He commonly wears a yellow hoodie in his layered or unlayered outfits. Reki is a carefree high schooler. At first glance, it's easy to assume all he cares about is skateboarding, and while that's somewhat true, he's also shown to be interested in more creative things like drawing and even making skateboards from scratch.

He is an ADHD king. His hyper-fixation is skateboarding.

skate infinity anime langa

With his outgoing personality, Reki can get easily along with everyone though, naturally, he tends to lean more towards the people who know what's new in the skating world and whatnot. He's on the lazier side of the spectrum, only doing the bare minimum in school to get good grades and never really thinking much about the future career-wise, but when given responsibilities about things he's passionate about especially when it comes to skateboardinghe tries his hardest and sets high goals for himself.

He also is a selfless person who wants the people who he cares for to succeed in anyway shape or form, even if it puts himself in harms way. He enjoys physical touch which is seen with both Miya and Langa interactions where Reki is often touching them. He cares deeply for his friends which is seen in episode 4 where he defends Miya from ADAM and in episode 5 where he tries to convince Langa to not skate against ADAM for fear of that he'd get hurt like his old friend.

He also will do anything to make sure of their safety like going to others to try to convince Langa not skate against ADAM. He expresses his concern for Langa often making sure that he is okay. While he has a high patience, it's not above him to crack a few jokes about his friends or boss. After all, it all comes with the laid-back personality. Due to the events of episode 4 it is shown in episode 5 that Reki is showing signs of PTSD, in which his brain flashbacked to the scene while he was in school and his body reacted by screaming for Langa along with that he fears that others are going to end up like his childhood friend which makes him on edge constantly.

Reki also shows the fear of falling behind and being left behind which means he has to work harder to catch up to the raw natural talents of his friends. He gets shown to be visually upset when he gets complimented by Langa in Episode 6, showing that he doesn't believe his friends words about his own self worth.

Reki appears on the surface as a carefree skateboarding nerd, but as the series continues we see his vulerable side. He puts his entire trust into Langa Hasegawa and wants to see him friend succeed. He cares deeply for the ones close to him and will throw himself in harms way to protect them. He can see the good in people and strives for everyone to be happy and dislikes anyone who bullies or picks on others.

He is very handy and creative, which is seen when he customizes Langa 's board.While she's been working as an animator since the mids on shows like Full Metal Panic!

hot spring healing - SK8 the Infinity episode 6 [best scenes]

At the very least, Sk8 the Infinity 's first three episodes introduce multiple characters who defy gender norms and could be considered queer-coded. Shadow, a skater who dresses like a reject from the band KISS, undergoes a Sailor Moon -inspired magical girl transformation in one of the bumpers.

The enigmatic Cherry Blossom is a feminine man whose chemistry with fellow skater Joe borders on tsundere-like. At the end of the third episode, potential big bad Adam tries to caress the secondary protagonist Langa's leg.

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The show's primary focus, and the big question in regards to LGBTQ representation, is the relationship between Reki and Langa, the two central characters. Reki is a skateboarding enthusiast who has loved the sport his whole life, while Langa, a transfer student from Canada, is an experienced snowboarder learning to skateboard for the first time. Langa is a socially awkward character who at times seems reserved and under-expressive, while Reki is a puppy-dog of a human being who jumps with excitement when discussing skateboarding.

The two characters become incredibly fast friends, with Reki teaching Langa how to skate and the techniques of the sport. While they are clearly best friends immediately, there's a closeness between them that might border on romantic attraction.

The two lays next to one another, are physically affectionate, and stare lovingly at one another. The end of the first episode culminates with Reki watching Langa skate with his eyes wide and his face blushing. It's uncertain whether or not Reki admires Langa's snowboarding-skateboarding technique or Langa himself.

Langa, meanwhile, is usually incredibly reserved but shows an emotional range to Reki in private that he doesn't even reveal to his mother. It's incredibly clear that Langa is opening up fast to Reki.

At the present time, there is no overt sign that Sk8 the Infinity is preparing a same-sex romance. However, it's that very lack of over signs that makes any potential queerness in Sk8 the Infinity feel more sincere and less like queerbaiting. All the homoeroticism ultimately became frustrating to many fans when, over and over, the characters ended up engaging in heteronormative behavior. If you tease something hard enough and don't deliver it, then it like the writers are baiting for attention.

If Sk8 the Infinity can be compared to anything at this stage, it's Yuri!!! While Yuri!!! Sk8 the Infinity can go either way at this point, but the trajectory of Reki and Langa's relationship feels similar to Yuri and Victor's thus far. It can swerve into a gay romance or keep going straight down its path of close best friends.High school student Reki Kyan is passionate about one thing: skateboarding. When night falls, he heads to "S," an illegal underground race inside a mine where skaters compete in highly dangerous situations.

After a loss that results in his skateboard being destroyed and his arm being broken, Reki is now incapable of practicing at all. While working, Reki runs into his new classmate, Langa Hasegawa, a half-Canadian and half-Japanese boy with no skateboarding experience whatsoever.

Langa is in desperate need of money. After they both visit "S" when tasked by Reki's boss, they get into trouble and are forced into a bet that requires Langa to skate in a race. However, the mysterious transfer student holds a trump card that Reki is unaware of, one which might help him win the race in the most unexpected way. In this thread, you'll find a comprehensive list of anime acquired for simulcast release during the Winter season.

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Type: TV. Premiered: Winter He gets caught up in "S," an underground skateboard race, along with Rekiand the two are quick to become close friends. Unlike RekiLanga has no skateboarding experience, but his knowledge in snowboarding helped him get a head start. Langa has medium length sky-blue hair described as "snow-like" that grows past his ears and blue eyes. He is above the average height, and noticeably taller than Reki.

Usually, he's shown in a high school uniform consisting of black pants, a yellow vest-jacket, and a white button-down shirt. When hanging out with Reki he wears baggy clothes consisting of dark pants, a blue coat, and a gray-colored shirt, and has also been shown in a white dress shirt and skinny jeans and a fully black school uniform, always accompanied by purple sneakers.

skate infinity anime langa

He is calm and laid back about most things, but when it comes to learning to skateboard, he's greatly determined and frequently puts his life at risk. He can also be described as air-headed. He's also been endeavoring at getting a job to help out with bills since his father's passing. He is very naturally stubborn and hard working. He is very self-assured when he is in his element and is a very quick learner.

He isn't accustomed to being around friends so when Reki comes into his life he is a little apprehensive about things. He cares deeply for his friends and wants them to succeed as does he wish for himself to succeed.

He is shown to be close friends with Reki and they spend lots of time together practicing skating. He is very attached to Reki and has recently become friends with Miya Chinen. After his father's death, Langa and his mother move to Okinawa. He happens to stumble across Rekihis new classmate, after school, and after a second introduction he agrees to accompany him to S.

There, the two get into an dispute with Shadowa revered skateboarder, and Langa gets caught up in a race against him. Despite having no knowledge of skateboarding, he adapts what he learned in his fifteen years of snowboarding and flawlessly makes it to the finish line, impressing everyone in the audience. He then begins to take informal skateboarding lessons with Reki.

Those resulted in sundry injuries that worried his mother, but she's glad he was able to make a friend so soon after setting foot in Okinawa. After passing by Reki's house and finally getting a personalized skateboard for himself, his practice takes a turn and he masters the Ollie quicker than expected.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest. Tadashi Kikuchi.A comedy manga spin-off started serializing on the Young Ace Up manga website on January 11, A manga adaptation of the television series will release on the BookLive! In Okinawa, a group of hardcore skaters participate in a secret, no-holds-barred competition after midnight known as "S," racing each other on skateboards down a winding road carved out of an abandoned mine and occasionally forming "beefs" rivalries with each other.

Reki, a high school sophomore and hardcore skater, takes new transfer student Langa to S one night, and ends up pulling him into the world of skateboarding. In an interview with WakanimStudio No Border founder Thomas Romain said that after meeting with Bones about Carole and Tuesdayhim and the other crew at his studio ran into Suzuki, a producer on the show.

After some small changes, they were approved.

skate infinity anime langa

Ayumi Kakei did the designs for Reki and Langa's skateboards, with a "pop" style. The skaterboarders' moves were also inspired by real people, with one example being Miya's style, which has striking similarities to Rodney Mullen 's style. Bones also ran a weekly blog for the series, where they shared various concepts sketches by Hiroko Utsumi alongside each episode's release.

On September 13,it was reported that Hiroko Utsumi and Bones were working on an anime television series project. Further details were not revealed until the following week.

A comedy manga spin-off by Toriyasu, titled Sk8 Chill Out!

skate infinity anime langa

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the anime television series. For the teen drama, see Sk8 TV series. Japanese anime television series. Bones Hiroko Utsumi. Madman Anime Group. Aniplex of America. Muse Communication. Manga Entertainment. Archived from the original on January 9, Retrieved January 9, Anime News Network. Retrieved November 7, February 5, Retrieved February 5, January 29, Retrieved January 29, January 25, January 12, Retrieved September 20, Archived from the original on November 22, Retrieved November 22, Retrieved January 9, — via Twitter.

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Langa Hasegawa

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